Seeking Representatives at Colleges, Universities and High Schools across the U.S. Begin earning within a week, enhances student life rather than interferes. Our cause is right.

“How” PeopleZoOM™’s “The WORKS” can be your ideal “job”

By |January 9th, 2015|

Do you want the most ideal highest-compensating socio-economic job in the U.S., one which will even expand your number of friends.

Do you want to have fun. Do you want to believe in a cause , INCLUDING YOURSELF ?

Do you want to own your life, and own your future ?

Since the U.S. doesn’t have enough jobs, and since […]

The “WHY” of PeopleZoOM™

By |January 9th, 2015|

PeopleZoOM™ answers in this and five additional “Who”, “What”, “Why” “Where” “When”,“How” plus, accessed on our websites second row of buttons:
PeopleZoOM™’s Greatest Irony, and, Your Escape.

Why PeopleZoOM™ ?

Have you ever asked yourself, “why doesn’t somebody do something”, and/or, “when is someone going to do something to help solve this […]


By |January 9th, 2015|

PeopleZoOM™ explains in these six articles,  beginning with the most important answers first, of: “Who”,  “What”,  “Why”“Where” “When”,“How”, added to those six, and accessed by our second row of buttons are: “The Greatest Irony” and “Your Escape”

1. Who created PeopleZoOM™

2. What caused the creation of PeopleZoOM™

3. Why  is  PeopleZoOM™ […]

What caused the creation of PeopleZoOM™

By |January 9th, 2015|

PeopleZoOM™ saw the exclusive need to solve in behalf of “Struggling Americans” their economic problems as no other solutions reasonably exist and because no political or other fixes can be expected/anticipated.

The reason for PeopleZoOM™ is the cold indifference shown by those who have the economic power to do something for humanity, yet continue […]

WHEN PeopleZoOM™ originated

By |January 9th, 2015|

PeopleZoOM™ answers in this and five other  “Who”, “What”, “When “Where” “Why, “How” ,and, via our website’s second row of buttons: PeopleZoOM™’s Greatest Irony, and, Your Escape.

PeopleZoOM™’s formulation began in March of 2010, with concern over the one-month alarming rise from $3 per gallon to $4 per gallon of the price at the pumps […]

PeopleZoOM™; …. “WHERE”

By |January 9th, 2015|

PeopleZoOM™ answers in this and five other “Who”, “What”, “When “Where” “Why, “How” ,and, via our website’s second row of buttons: PeopleZoOM™’s Greatest Irony, and, Your Escape.

PeopleZoOM™ is originating from the southeast United States; Metro-Atlanta, however in the overall scheme of things, you may learn on your college or even high school c […]

Five Purchase Options

“The WORKS” is a new work game-plan for “Struggling Americans” where you use “giving” instead of selling. “The WORKS” includes our “VIRAL-Ride” APP, whose purpose to accelerate you to or towards the maximum earnings of up to $24,000/year. Ages 13 to under 18 must first obtain our “Parental Authorization”

“The WORKS” 356 – Choose Your Shirt Size

In this “Students” offering, the purchase of “The WORKS” is facilitated in behalf of students and others in economic hardship, as this is a half-size purchase of “The WORKS”, accordingly at a price of $178.

Prior to making your purchase, read the full details of “Students” by clicking on the “Documents” button, then the “Students” file.

Students 178 – Choose Your Shirt Size

Stand-TALL 89 – Choose Your Shirt Size

Stand-UP 63 – Choose Your Shirt Size

Stance 39 – Choose Your Shirt Size